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Box Office Results - 'Good Boys', 'Angry Birds 2', '47 Meters Down: Uncaged' and More...

Box Office Results - 'Good Boys', 'Angry Birds 2', '47 Meters Down: Uncaged' and More...

A lot is being said about Good Boys reviving the R-rated comedy genre this weekend, and yes, it did have a good opening, but I also don’t think the R-rated comedy ever truly went away, just last year we had a few hits that were both comedies and both rated “R”; Game Night ($69 million domestic/$118 million global), and Blockers ($60 million domestic/$94 million global), not to mention a slew of successful PG-13 comedies such as Crazy Rich Asians and Instant Family. Also guys, Deadpool 2 is more of a comedy than it is anything else, so there’s that monster hit to think about. To sum up, I think the narrative surrounding Good Boys is a tad flawed, but I get that people think the genre is being short-changed after the injustices served upon Booksmart early in the summer.

Apart from Good Boys, we also got a slew of other wide releases, most of which bombed. Let’s take a look:

Good Boys (Universal)
Box Office: $21.4 million

Universal was smart to release this movie in the waning summer weeks as all of the excitement starts to die down and kids start preparing for school. There’s no big competition, and the film appeals to the college-and-up crowd who still have time to kill. It doesn’t hurt that the film also garnered pretty good reviews and audience scores, which will likely ensure that it hits a nice 3x multiplier by the time it leaves theaters. With a strong $21.4 million opening against a budget of $20 million, I’m expecting Good Boys to leg it out to $70 million before calling it quits.

angry birds 2 - 1.jpg

Angry Birds 2 (Sony)
Box Office: $10.4 million

Here’s a case of a good (or so I’ve heard) sequel failing because the first one shot it in the foot. People flocked to Angry Birds out of sheer curiosity, and for the most part, did not like what they saw. Sony green-lit a sequel because it grossed an impressive $352 million off of a $73 million budget. The new one was made at a slightly more economical price of $65 million, but it was hit with a much steeper drop than just about anybody could have anticipated. The film opened to $10.4 million, not including the $6 million it made through-out the week. With $16 million in the tank, but better reviews, I expect this one to leg it out slightly, but not nearly enough to carry it into the realm of profitability. Look for Angry Birds 2 to rake in around $45 million domestic by the time it finishes its run…or flight? (Sorry).

47 meters down uncaged - 1.jpg

47 Meters Down: Uncaged (Entertainment Studios)
Box Office: $8.4 million

47 Meters Down was a surprise hit back in 2017, grossing a surprising $44 million against a $5 million budget. People like shark movies! Who knew? So of course, this warranted a sequel and here we are with 47 Meters Down: Uncaged! Well, this film film cost a little more and made a little less, but could still end up being profitable in the end. The movie made $8.4 million in its opening weekend against a budget of $12 million, and with similar lukewarm reviews to the original, I expect this one to end up around the $25 million mark.

Blinded By the Light (WB)
Box Office: $4.3 million

The musical/drama/comedy Blinded By the Light got off to a rough start this weekend grossing only $4.3 million in its opening three days against a budget of $15 million. That said, the film garnered favorable reviews and audience members who have seen it seem to like it, so maybe a decent multiplier is in store. I’m expecting Blinded by the Light to gross around $15 million by the time it wraps up its run in theaters.

Where’d You Go, Bernadette (UAR)
Box Office: $4.4 million

Richard Linklater’s latest film completely face-planted this weekend with a disappointing opening of $4.4 million against a budget of around $20 million. The film also didn’t get particularly great marks from critics, but audiences liked it for the most part. Look for a similar final total to Blinded by the Light of around $15 million.

hobbs and shaw - 3.jpg

The Top 10

1. Good Boys - $21.4 million (NEW) $21.4 million
2. Hobbs & Shaw -$14.2 million (-43,9%) $133.8 million
3. The Lion King - $12.3 million (-39%) $496.5 million
4. Angry Birds 2 - $10.4 million (NEW) $16.1 million
5. Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark - $10 million (-52.1%) $40.2 million
6. Dora and the Lost City of Gold - $8.6 million (-50.9%) $34 million
7. 47 Meters Down: Uncaged - $8.4 million (NEW) $8.4 million
8. Once Upon A Time in Hollywood - $7.7 million (-34%) $114.4 million
9. The Art of Racing in the Rain - $4.6 million (-43.8%) $17.1 million
10. Blinded By the Light - $4.3 million (NEW) $4.3 million

Source: Box Office Mojo

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