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Box Office - 'A Madea Family Funeral', 'Greta' and 'Apollo 11'

Box Office - 'A Madea Family Funeral', 'Greta' and 'Apollo 11'

The top ten this weekend played out about how I expected it would, except for a marked over-performance from the top two films, which is surprising as we’re starting to feel the receding tide of the imminent tidal wave that is Captain Marvel which is set to be release this coming weekend. Perhaps people see this as their last chance to catch movies they’ve missed because everyone and their dog will be watching Marvel studio’s latest and most likely nothing else.

madeas family funeral - 1.jpg

Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Family Funeral (Lionsgate)
Box Office: $27 million

I had Tyler Perry’s latest pegged around $22 million, but being the swan song to the vast pantheon of Madea movies, maybe I should have predicted that more would flock to see his final turn as the character. The film made a respectable $27 million, and if it can gain some semblance of legs, it should be just fine. The Madea films don’t generally hold up in the following weeks and end up with a little over double what they made in their first weekends, so I would say $65 million domestically is a pretty safe bet for this one.

greta - 1.jpg

Greta (Focus)
Box Office: $4.6 million

Greta, which I’ve heard is a nice dose of B-movie fun, didn’t do particularly well this weekend, perhaps that’s because I saw virtually no marketing for it until the week before its release. Greta pulled in a not-so-greata (sorry) $4.6 million which when you consider that it reportedly only cost $5 million to produce doesn’t seem all that bad, but with poor word-of-mouth it’s likely to fizzle out quickly, especially with the release of Captain Marvel next weekend. Expect Greta to bring in around $11-12 million by the time it leaves theaters.

apollo 11 - 1.jpg

Apollo 11 (Neon)
Box Office: $1.7 million

I’m not sure what the metric for success is for Apollo 11, it’s a documentary so Neon likely didn’t have too high expectations for the picture, but still, $1.7 million probably isn’t making anyone too happy. That said, the film has a glowing 100% on rotten tomatoes and stellar audience scores, so it may be a bit of a sleeper hit if it can stick around. I predict that Apollo, based on quality alone, legs it's way to $10 million during its domestic run.

how to train your dragon 3 - 2.jpg

The Top Ten

How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World held on to its crown this weekend adding another $30 million to line its coffers. The animated Dreamworks pic has minted a very healthy $98 million thus far and could be headed for a final total of around $175 or around where the second film ended up. Alita: Battle Angel also held up reasonably well, only dropping 43% and the Robert Rodriguez pic now has a running domestic total of $72 million, still, its box office prospects will most likely crumble when it faces direct competition from Captain Marvel next weekend. Green Book received a big boost this weekend from its controversial win at the Oscars. The Peter Farrelly drama made $4.7 million this weekend, up 121% from last weekend and now has amassed an impressive $76 million. Spider-man: Into the Spider-verse also got a resurgence from its Oscar win, jumping 137% to $2.1 million. The excellent animated flick now has $187 million.

1. How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World - $30 million (-45.4%) $98 million
2. Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Family Funeral - $27.1 million (NEW) $27.1 million
3. Alita: Battle Angel - $7 million (-43.3%) $72.2 million
4. The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part - $6.6 million (-31.7%) $91.7 million
5. Green Book - $4.7 million (+121.4%) $75.9 million
6. Fighting with My Family - $4.7 million (-40%) $14.9 million
7. Greta - $4.6 million (NEW) $4.6 million
8. What Men Want - $2.7 million (-48.6%) $49.6 million
9. Happy Death Day 2U - $2.5 million (-48.5%) $25.3 million
10. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse - $2.1 million (+137.5%) $187.4 million

Source: Box Office Mojo

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