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Top 10 Summer Box-Office Predictions 2018

Top 10 Summer Box-Office Predictions 2018

1. Avengers: Infinity War
Opening: $260 million
Total: $700 million

I think Avengers: Infinity War is absolutely going to destroy the competition this Summer. It has a ton of momentum thanks to a huge marketing campaign that displays its massive, star-studded cast and puts Black Panther front-and-center. The opening will probably be record-breaking, and if the movie's good (which I think it will be), it should have at least decent legs. I know it seems high, but $700 million domestic might actually be a safe bet for this one. 

incredibles 2.jpg

2. The Incredibles 2
Opening: $90 million
Total: $380

Not that The Incredibles isn't a very well-known property, but I think this might be our "sleeper" hit of the summer. I only say that because I think Jurassic World is going to have a massive come-down from its predecessor, and because I think there's less hope for Solo than Rogue One (which had a $155 million opening). 

jurassic world 2 - 1.jpg

3. Jurassic World: The Fallen Kingdom
Opening: $140 million
Total: $378 million

Mark my words, this will NOT be nearly as big of a hit as it's break-out predecessor. The first movie was only decently received by audiences who I think just missed having Jurassic Park around, so with less excitement for the sequel due to audiences needs already being satiated, I think we're in for a huge drop. Obviously, it'll still be a huge hit, but perhaps not enough to take the number two spot this summer. 

solo - 1.jpg

4. Solo: A Star Wars Story
Opening: $120 million
Total: $336 million

This one is very hard to pinpoint. I think it will have a strong opening, but depending on if it's good or not, it could drop quickly or grow legs. I think at the very least Solo pushes its way to $300, but only because it's under the Star Wars banner.

deadpool 2 - 2.jpg

5. Deadpool 2
Opening: $110 million
Total: $275 million

I think Deadpool 2 will definitely make a splash, but maybe not one that as big or as surprising as the first one made. I also think opening so close to Avengers: Infinity War will take a bite out of the film's box office, but not enough for it to land outside of the top 5 for the summer. 

ant-man and wasp - 1.jpg

And here's how I see the rest of the top 10 shaking out. Obviously, there's a ton of room for error here and it's anyone's game, but I do feel pretty confident that Ant-man and the Wasp will slot sixth and Mission: Impossible 6 will be right on its heels. 

6. Ant-man and the Wasp
Opening: $80 million
Total: $210 million

7. Mission: Impossible - Fallout
Opening: $55 million
Total: $185 million

8. Hotel Transylvania
Opening: $45 million
Total: $150 million

9. Ocean's 8
Opening: $35 million
Total: $120 million

10 .Skyscraper
Opening: $35 million
Total: $100 million

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