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Box Office Predictions - 'Pacific Rim: Uprising', 'Sherlock Gnomes', 'Unsane', 'Midnight Sun' and 'Paul, Apostle of Christ'

Box Office Predictions - 'Pacific Rim: Uprising', 'Sherlock Gnomes', 'Unsane', 'Midnight Sun' and 'Paul, Apostle of Christ'

It's a BIG weekend for new releases, well, quantity of new releases that is. Vying for the crown is Pacific Rim: Uprising, the sequel to Guillermo Del Toro's Robots vs. Kaiju film of the same name. Then there's the kid-centric Sherlock Gnomes which will probably do alright despite looking absolutely god-awful. Then we have Stephen Soderbergh's thriller that was apparently filmed on an iphone titled Unsane along with a Christian-targeted film called Paul: Apostle of Christ which could be a bit of a wild card after the overnight success of last weekend's I Can Only Imagine. Finally we have the romance Midnight Sun, which I know virtually nothing about. 

pacific rim uprising - 2.jpg

Pacific Rim: Uprising (WB)

I have seen a ton of marketing for this film yet not much in the way of hype at all. The original Pacific Rim wasn't a bomb in the U.S., but it certainly didn't make waves either as it just barely notched past the $100 million mark by the time it left theaters. Overseas was where that film really hit and is the only real reason we're seeing a sequel to it this weekend. I think there's even less excitement leading up to this film as the trailers haven't really showed audiences anything that looks particularly new to the franchise, in fact, the action and effects somehow look worse and less inspired. 

Despite all of the negativity, I still think Pacific Rim: Uprising might have it in it to crack the $30 million mark, if only because Kong: Skull Island completely blind-sided me last year. That film was tracking at around $35 million and ended up with $61 million by the time its first weekend was over. 

Prediction: $30 million

sherlock gnomes.jpg

Sherlock Gnomes (Paramount)

Ugh, why are we getting another one of these? Oh, wait, never mind, the first film somehow clawed its way to just under $100 million. How did I not know this?! Anyway, the sequel adds a Sherlock Holmes spin to the proceedings and its titular character is voiced by Johnny Depp...come on man, you can do better than this. 

I seriously doubt this film reaches the lofty heights of the original, but I still think it will draw a decent-sized audience. 

Prediction: $15 million

unsane - 1.jpg

Unsane (Bleecker Street)

Stephen Soderbergh has been talking a lot about how Iphone's are the future for movies, and well, judging by what I've seen, I'm not quite convinced yet. But who knows, the man has shown that he's a capable director and he sure as hell knows way more than I do so I'll try not to judge...yet. His thriller, Unsane, is getting a decent-sized release in 2000 screens, but I haven't heard or seen much about this film at all, leading me to believe that it's not going to make a huge impression this weekend. The film only cost around $1.2 million to produce, so no matter what happens, this isn't going to be a huge loss for the studio. 

Prediction: $5 million

paul, apostle of christ - 1.jpg

Paul, Apostle of Christ (Sony)

Sony has sort of made a name for themselves releasing Christian-themed films around the Easter holiday, and it doesn't look like they're going to stop any time soon with their latest, Paul, Apostle of Christ, coming out this weekend. Jim Caviezel, who famously portrayed Jesus in the massive box office hit, Passion of the Christ, returns to faith-based drama here so that might be a small draw here. Also, these films have a tendency to come out of nowhere and rake in a ton of money, though that is a little less likely to happen here. 

Prediction: $8 million

midnight sun - 1.jpg

Midnight Sun (Open Road Films)

I'm sorry, but I literally know nothing about this film other than the short synopsis blurb I just read on IMDB. The movie's about a girl who has a condition that does not permit her to go out in the sunlight and, yeah, that's about it. I have seen no promotional material for this film whatsoever but maybe I'm in the wrong theaters or not perusing the social circles online where they're gobbling this stuff up. Anyway, I really don't think this is going to make much of an impression at all this weekend. 

Prediction: $4 million

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