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Review - Colossal

Review - Colossal

Colossal truly is a one-of-a-kind film, I honestly can't think of anything that's quite like it. It's also a fun film that blends comedic elements with real drama pretty well. That said, the film struggles to hold onto its message and sometimes gets tripped up by its attempts and genre-bending.

The film follows Gloria (Anne Hathaway), a woman that doesn't have it together and has just been dumped by her boyfriend, Tim (Dan Stevens) due to her reckless lifestyle. She moves back to her hometown in hopes of reevaluating her life. Things begin to get better for Gloria, but only in time to discover that she is unknowingly controlling the movements of a giant Kaiju in Seoul. 

You can tell that director Nacho Vigalando had a lot on his mind that he wanted to express with Colossal. This is both to the film's benefit and to its detriment. There are a number of different themes in Colossal such as; addiction, bullying, and the use and abuse of power and while there are definitely good messages to be shared here, I didn't feel like any of them were represented strongly enough to stand on their own. So while the film tries admirably to pull off the juggling act, it ultimately drops some of the balls by the time it reaches its conclusion. 

Though the tone of Colossal is all over the place, it's still almost always fun to watch. Nacho Vigalando is an entertainer, and almost every scene in Colossal is infused with an energy and vitality that is contagious. It also helps that all of the actors seem to be completely on-board with all of the director's out-there concepts. 

Anne Hathaway gives a great performance here as Gloria, and while I wasn't completely convinced that she was the complete wreck that the film wants us to believe she is, her development throughout the film is well-conveyed. Jason Sudeikis gives probably his best performance yet here as Oscar, her childhood friend who never left his hometown. Sudeikis displays a wide range of emotions and has a far more compelling character arch than what was indicated in all of the promotional material for the film. 

Colossal is also a great looking film, especially when you consider that it was produced for only $15 million. The giant monster featured in the film is brought to life realistically and nearly rivals some of its more big-budgeted brethren. 

In the end, Colossal is a wildly fun, if uneven journey. The film has a lot of good things to say and while not everything is addressed in a cohesive manner, it's still worth a look for anyone that thinks a comedy/drama involving Kaiju sounds appealing. 

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