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Box Office Results - 'Justice League', 'Wonder' and 'The Star'

Box Office Results - 'Justice League', 'Wonder' and 'The Star'

The team-up that has been years and years in the making is finally here, except it didn't make nearly as big of an impression as it should have this weekend. Justice League didn't bomb, but it did have a hugely disappointing weekend at the box office. Wonder also came out this weekend and surprised just about everyone, and the animated Christian film, The Star, did just about as well as everyone expected. 

Justice League (Warner Bros.)
Box Office: $96 million

It's pretty sad when Justice League, basically a film intended to be the pinnacle of a series of films, ends up with the lowest opening weekend of the entire bunch. That's right, Justice League grossed less than Wonder Woman, Man of Steel, Batman V. Superman and Suicide Squad did in their opening weekends. 

Coming in at $96 million, Justice League couldn't even crack the $100 million mark. No, it's not the end of the world, it's just shocking. I mean, even Thor: Ragnarok grossed more than this! Still, if Justice League manages to have decent legs through Thanksgiving it might be able to safe some face. In the end, I predict that Justice League crawls it's way to around $230 million by the time it leaves theaters. 

wonder - 1.jpg

Wonder (Lionsgate)
Box Office: $27

Wonder turned out to be the big surprise this weekend, so much so that it might have been one of the reason's Justice League under-performed. Wonder came in at $27 million, and you know from there it's probably going to have ridiculous business throughout the thanksgiving holiday. I predict Wonder makes its way to around $75 million by the time it leaves theaters. 

the star - 1.jpg

The Star (Sony)
Box Office: $10 million

Sony's animated Christian film was the only movie this weekend that came in at just about where everyone was expecting. The film brought in $10 million, which is actually pretty good considering the niche audience and the fact that it was probably made on a small budget. Christian family films generally have pretty strong legs at the box office, so I predict that this film makes it to around $40 million. 

The Top 10

1. Justice League - $96 million (NEW) $96 million
2. Wonder - $27 million (NEW) $27 million
3. Thor: Ragnarok - $21.8 million (-62%) $247 million
4. Daddy's Home 2 - $14.8 million (-50%) $50.6 million
5. Murder on the Orient Express - $13.8 million (-52%) $51.7 million
6. The Star - $10 million (NEW) $10 million
7. A Bad Moms Christmas - $6.9 million (-40%) $50.9 million
8. Lady Bird - $2.5 million (+110.9%) $4.7 million
9. Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri - $1.1 million (+246%) $1.5 million
10. Jigsaw - $1 million (-68.8%) $36.4 million

Source: Box Office Mojo, IMDB

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