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Box Office Results - 'Sully', 'When the Bough Breaks', 'The Wild Life' and 'The Disappointments Room'

Box Office Results - 'Sully', 'When the Bough Breaks', 'The Wild Life' and 'The Disappointments Room'

I'm sorry I haven't been able to report  the box office for a week, I was in New York on vacation. Unfortunately, I didn't make any predictions this week so I'm just going to do a basic rundown of this weekend's numbers. 

Weekend Box Office: $35 million

Since I didn't do any predictions this week, I'll at least tell you all what I thought some of these films were going to do. For Sully, I fully expected it to fall in the $24-25 million range, so that would have been off. Sully surprised with a very healthy $35 million this weekend, and I think it's pretty safe to say that this will join the $100 million club well before it has finished up it's run. Not bad at all.

When The Bough Breaks
Weekend Box Office: $14 million

This film did about what I expected it might do. I think I might have guessed a little lower, just based on the lack of interest it seemed to be garnering. Bough only cost $10 million to make, so while it didn't set the world alight, it's already a good investment for Sony and is well on its way to profitability. 

The Wild Life
Weekend Box Office: $3.3 million

For The Wild Life I probably would have gone with a similar opening to Lionsgate's other animated release this year, Norm of the North, which came in around $7 million. This film didn't even do that; it only managed $3.3 million. I hear that Lionsgate didn't pay much to acquire this film though and it's already made over $20 million overseas, so they'll be fine. Still, $3.3 million for a wide release is never a great thing. 

The Disappointments Room
Weekend Box Office: $1.4 million

This film's been sitting on the shelf for a while, so it was never expected to pull in much, but $1.4 million? Sheesh, that's pretty terrible. Hell, Morgan even beat this film. The Disappointments Room will be lucky to get to $4 million domestically.


Don't Breathe had another great hold, and this is coming off of Labor Day weekend last week, which makes this extra impressive, especially for a horror flick. Don't Breathe is already at about $67 million so I see this film making it to at least $80 million domestically by the time it's done. Suicide Squad also had a great hold; the DC flick only lost 42% percent of its audience as it pushed further past the $300 million mark. The film is on the brink of passing the $700 million mark worldwide, so it's safe to say that it's a pretty massive success. 

Kubo and the Two Strings, unfortunately, lost a pretty big chunk of business this weekend, but thankfully was able to keep it under 50%. Kubo is around $41 million domestically so far, and at this rate I don't see it quite passing $50 million, so let's hope it kills it overseas as it rolls out in more countries. Pete's Dragon dropped even harder than Kubo, dropping 51% and bringing in $3.1 million for a total of $70 million. I see the film settling in the upper $70 millions and if it manages to pull in a little more change overseas, it might just be a success. 

That wraps up this weeks box office weekend results! Be sure to check back in on Wednesday when I predict the openings of The Blair WitchBridget Jones's Baby and Snowden.

Source: boxofficemojo

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