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Box Office Results - 'Moana', 'Allied', 'Bad Santa 2' and 'Rules Don't Apply'

Box Office Results - 'Moana', 'Allied', 'Bad Santa 2' and 'Rules Don't Apply'

Once again I was unable to post predictions this week due to having an extremely busy schedule along with Thanksgiving, so I apologize for that, but now I'm back and ready for action. This past weekend was one of those five-day ordeals so all of the movies that came out and have been out got a much-needed boost. Moana of course was the big winner this weekend, then pretty much everything else that was new to the market performed poorly and in the case of Rules Don't Apply, absolutely terribly. 

Moana (Disney)
3-Day total: $55.5 million
5-Day total: $81 million

Disney's next animated adventure had a pretty great debut, even if Frozen still had more wind in its sails at the same point. The film brought in an admirable $81 million over the long holiday and $55 million for the 3-day weekend. In my opinion this is a much better film than Frozen so I'm hoping it holds up very well in the long run. With little direct competition in the coming weeks I'd say Moana has a legitimate chance at making it to $250 million.

Allied (Paramount)
3-Day - $13 million
5-Day - $18 million

Robert Zemeckis' period romantic thriller, Allied, had a pretty low debut. The film grossed $18 million during the five-day frame and $13 million for the regular 3-day period. That's not good when you factor in the large $85 million budget. The reviews were lukewarm so it's not likely that it's going to have extremely long legs, but I'm not going to rule it out just yet. I think Allied, like The Tourist, should have decent legs despite its reception. The movie might just crawl its way to $50 million if its lucky.

Bad Santa 2 (Broad Green Pictures)
3-Day - $6 million
5-Day - $9 million

Bad Santa 2 adds itself to the pile of sequels that nobody asked for. The film grossed a disappointing $9 million in five days and just $6 million during the FSS period. The film only cost $26 million but I don't think it's even going to be able to manage that during its domestic run. I predict Bad Santa 2 makes it to around $18-20 million in the long run. 

Rules Don't Apply (Fox)
3-Day - $1.5 million
5-Day - $2.1 million

This has the unfortunate label of having the worst domestic take of the year. The film was severely under-marketed and thus only brought in $2.1 million over the long holiday and a pathetic $1.5 million through the three-day weekend. This film's not even going to make it to $5 million by the time it's done. Too bad, because I actually kind of want to see this film. 


Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them had a very promising hold this weekend. The David Yates-directed fantasy film grossed an additional $66 million over the five-day frame and $45 million over the normal FSS period. I'd say the film's looking at at least a $230 million domestic total at this point. Doctor Strange also stabilized after getting forced down last weekend by Fantastic Beasts. The Marvel pic grossed $19 million in five-days and $13.3 million during the three-day weekend dropping only 24%. The film just passed $200 million and will hop over Thor: The Dark World in a day or two.

The Edge of Seventeen had a decent hold, only dropping 38%, which would have been good had the movie opened higher to begin with. Still, the film's not a complete lost cause as it just passed its production budget of $9 million and currently sits at $10 million domestically. Bleed for This crashed and burned as it dropped a staggering 61%. Fortunately, not much was invested in the film, but it's never going to be in the green at this point.

The Top Ten (3-Day)

1. Moana - $56.6 million (NEW)
2. Fantastic Beasts - $45 million (-39%)
3. Doctor Strange - $13.7 million (-23%)
4. Allied - $12.7 million (NEW)
5. Arrival - $11.5 million (-5.6%)
6. Trolls - $10.6 million (-39%)
7. Bad Santa 2 - $6.1 million (NEW)
8. Almost Christmas - $5.7 million (-22%)
9. Hacksaw Ridge - $5.5 million (-17%)
10. The Edge of Seventeen - $3 million (-38%)

That concludes this weekend's box office results. Check back in on Wednesday for next weekend's predictions!

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