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Box Office Results - 'Fantastic Beasts', 'The Edge of Seventeen' and 'Bleed for This'

Box Office Results - 'Fantastic Beasts', 'The Edge of Seventeen' and 'Bleed for This'

It was not a very successful weekend for me this time, and neither was it for STX's The Edge of Seventeen or Open Road Films's Bleed for This. As any sane person would have predicted, Warner Bros' Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them took the top spot this weekend and it came in just under my prediction and was my one correct prediction.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (WB)
Prediction: $82 million
Actual: $75 million

I just barely get a pass on this one. If this film had gone any lower it would have classified as a miss. Fortunately just enough people turned out for the Harry Potter prequel to give me my only win for the weekend. Fantastic Beasts raked in $75 million this weekend, which by any other film's standards would be, well, fantastic. That said, this movie is staged as a franchise-starter and cost nearly $200 million to produce, not including advertising costs. So while this is a solid start, it's going to have to hold up pretty well and gross a significant amount of cash overseas as well.

Personally, I think Fantastic Beasts is going to do just fine in the long run. That doesn't mean that it will have Harry Potter's numbers, but it should settle above $200 million domestically and bring in around $400 million overseas. Anything over $600 million starts to look pretty good, though I'd imagine $800 million is more ideal for this production, which is still feasible but maybe a bit of a long-shot. Only time will tell, but for now let's just be happy we have another decent film to add to the franchise.

The Edge of Seventeen (STX)
Prediction: $7 million
Actual: $4.8 million

STX's poorly timed but well-received comedy, The Edge of Seventeen grossed lower than I was expecting, and I only predicted $7 million. The movie only cost $9 million to produce and depending on its performance over the Thanksgiving holiday, might be able to scratch its way into the realm of profitability, but for now it's not looking to hot. 

I think there's a solid chance this film makes it over the $15 million mark based solely on how well it's being received, but I don't think it'll go much higher than that. 

Bleed for This (ORF)
Prediction: $6 million
Actual: $2.4 million

This was by far my biggest miss for the weekend and I was already predicting pretty low. Bleed for This garnered very low interest this weekend as it was overwhelmed by the competition. There's usually room for a good wrestling or boxing drama each year, but I don't think audiences were feeling this one, especially when there are so many more interesting-looking films in the market. Bleed for This might might make it over its low production cost of $6 million, but not by much.


Arrival doesn't look like it's going to leg it out to $100 million like I thought it might. The film dropped considerably against the might of Fantastic Beasts, losing 51% of its audience for an $11.8 million weekend. I'm not worried though as it has already brought in a healthy $43 million and should be just fine in the long run. Almost Christmas also had a significant drop of 53%, but that's usually the case with films that aren't as well-received. The holiday-centric comedy brought in $7 million this weekend for a total so far of $25 million. Expect it to hold up exceptionally throughout the Thanksgiving holiday. Shut In dropped 55% this weekend, adding $1.6 million to its dismal total of $6 million. 

The Top 10

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them - $75 million (NEW)
Doctor Strange - $17.7 million (-58%)
Trolls - $17.5 million (-50%)
Arrival - $11.8 million (-51%)
Almost Christmas - $7 million (-53%)
Hacksaw Ridge - $6.8 million (-37%)
The Edge of Seventeen - $4.8 million (NEW)
Bleed For This - $2.4 million (NEW)
The Accountant - $2.1 million (-52%)
Shut In - $1.6 million (-55%)

That concludes this weekend's results! Be sure to check back in on Wednesday when I predict the box office weekend totals for Disney's Moana, Bad Santa 2, Allied and Rules Don't Apply.

Source: Box Office Mojo

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