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Box Office Results - 'Arrival', 'Almost Christmas' and 'Shut In'

Box Office Results - 'Arrival', 'Almost Christmas' and 'Shut In'

Woo! I was on fire this weekend for once! I predicted two out of the three films correctly this weekend, both of which I felt I could have very easily been incorrect about. First up, Arrival Exceeded expectations as I expected it would. Almost Christmas made more than I was expecting, and Shut In did about as well as it could have, which is to say; not very well.

Arrival (Paramount)
Prediction: $25 million
Actual: $24 million

This one feels like the biggest win in quite some time. I looked at other people's predictions for Denis Villeneuve's science fiction epic and they were typically around the $15 million zone. I knew that this film had a chance to break out in a pretty big way, and for once, my intuition was correct. Arrival grossed $24 million this weekend and is already more that half way to recouping its $47 million budget. Next we'll have to see how well my total gross prediction of $100 million holds up. Hang in there, Arrival!

Almost Christmas (Universal)
Prediction: $10 million
Actual: $15.5 million

I soundly missed this one, though I had no idea exactly how well it would perform as I hadn't seen any promotional material for it whatsoever. the Holiday-themed comedy brought in a healthy $15.5 million off of a $17 million budget, not bad for a movie that is likely to hold up well throughout the season. 

Shut In (EuropaCorp)
Prediction: $4 million
Actual: $3.7 million

I'm a little shocked by how close I was to predicting how much this film would make. Mind you, I had no other sources to assist my prediction; I just had this feeling that this film would barely make a noise at the box office and I was right. The Naomi Watts-starring thriller grossed $3.7 million this weekend and probably won't make it to $10 million when it wraps up its run in theaters. 


Doctor Strange held up very well for a film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The superhero origin story dropped a reasonable 49%, bringing in another $43 million.  The movie has already passed $150 million domestically and is tracking alongside the likes of Captain America: The Winter Soldier. The movie has also nearly made it to $500 million worldwide, which is astounding considering Doctor Strange is widely regarded as a C-list hero. This just goes to show the continued power of the Marvel brand.

Trolls had a phenomenal hold this weekend, dropping a mere 25% to $35 million. I honestly didn't expect this film to be this big but here it is already creeping up on the $100 million mark with plenty of gas left in the tank. That said, there's a slew of high-profile animated flicks that will look to directly combat Trolls so its got to strike hard and fast and make as much money as it can right now. Mel Gibson's Hacksaw Ridge also had a great hold this weekend, likely due to the film's great reviews and the fact that Veteran's Day was on Friday. The war epic dropped only 29% to $11 million and has brought in around $32 million so far. 

The Top 10

Doctor Strange - $43 million (-49%)
Trolls - $35 million (-24%)
Arrival - $24 million (NEW)
Almost Christmas - $15.5 million (NEW)
Hacksaw Ridge - $11 million (-29%)
The Accountant - $4.5 million (-22%)
Shut In - $3.7 million (NEW)
Boo! A Madea Halloween $3.5 million (-54%)
Jack Reacher: Never Go Back - $3 million (-39%)
Inferno - $3 million (-47%)

That does it for this weeks box office results. Be sure to check back in on Wednesday when I predict the opening weekends for Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, The Edge of SeventeenBleed for This and Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk. It's going to be a big weekend!

Source: Box Office Mojo

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